121 Days of Prayer

The purposes of this prayer are: Reconciliation, Mercy, Forgiveness and Holiness/Righteousness.

Merciful Lord, when your angel asked you when you would relent and allow the Israelites to return home from their captivity in Babylon, you responded with comforting words: “’O Lord of Hosts, for seventy years your anger has raged against Jerusalem and the cities of Judah. How long will it be until you again show mercy to them?’ And the Lord answered the angel who stood beside me, speaking words of comfort and assurance. Then the angel said, ‘Shout out this message from the Lord of Hosts: Don’t you think I care about what has happened to Judah and Jerusalem? I am as jealous as a husband for his captive wife. I am very angry with the heathen nations sitting around at ease, for I was only a little displeased with my people, but the nations afflicted them far beyond my intentions. Therefore the Lord declares: I have returned to Jerusalem filled with mercy; my temple will be rebuilt, says the Lord of Hosts, and so will all Jerusalem. Say it again: the Lord of Hosts declares that the cities of Israel will again overflow with prosperity, and the Lord will again comfort Jerusalem and bless her and live in her.” Zechariah 1:12–17 (TLB). Lord, it is through Jesus that Christians receive your mercy and forgiveness. Thank you for allowing us to reconcile with you, Father. Amen.



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