121 Days of Prayer

Make No Treaty with Them and Show Them No Mercy

The purposes of this prayer are: Holiness/Righteousness, Obedience and Guidance/Purpose.

Lord of Hosts, you explicitly explained to the Israelites through Moses what it meant for them to be set apart as your special possession as they were about to enter the Promised Land and dispossess the peoples currently living there: “When the Lord your God delivers them over to you and you defeat them, you must completely destroy them. Make no treaty with them and show them no mercy. You must not intermarry with them, and you must not give your daughters to their sons or take their daughters for your sons, because they will turn your sons away from me to worship other gods. Then the Lord’s anger will burn against you, and he will swiftly destroy you. Instead, this is what you are to do to them: tear down their altars, smash their sacred pillars, cut down their Asherah poles, and burn their carved images. For you are a holy people belonging to the Lord your God. The Lord your God has chosen you to be his own possession out of all people on the face of the earth.” Deuteronomy 7:2–6 (CSB). Merciful Lord, no one may be left with an ambiguous understanding of how intensely you hate sin and disobedience, for you told the Israelites many times through Moses and the other prophets the penalties for rebellion, idolatry and apostasy, as well as the rewards for obedience to your commandments. Help us to never forget that you are a Holy God. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.



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