121 Days of Prayer

Arise, O Lord, and Enter Your Temple

The purposes of this prayer are: Glorify God/Worship, Confidence/Hope and Gratitude.

Holy God, in Psalm 132, attributed to David, the author wrote of his zeal to build your temple, and also of your promise to him that one of his descendants would always be on his throne, if they continue to observe your commandments, saying, “First the ark was in Ephrathah, then in the distant countryside of Jaar. But now it will be settled in the Temple, in God’s permanent home here on earth. That is where we will go to worship him. Arise, O Lord, and enter your Temple with the ark, the symbol of your power. We will clothe the priests in white, the symbol of all purity. May our nation shout for joy. Do not reject your servant David- the king you chose for your people. For you promised me that my son would sit on my throne and succeed me. And surely you will never go back on a promise! You also promised that if my descendants will obey the terms of your contract with me, then the dynasty of David shall never end.” Psalm 132:6–12 (TLB). Gracious Lord, may we also be filled with as much gratitude as David was, and with such fervor to worship you. In accordance with your divine plan to reconcile sinful humanity to yourself, you sent your Son, Jesus, to die a substitutionary, sacrificial death on a cross in the place of all who place their enduring faith in him. And now Jesus forever reigns from David’s throne over the kingdom of heaven. Thank you, Jesus. Amen.



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