121 Days of Prayer

Where are Your Wise Men? All are Gone!

The purposes of this prayer are: Holiness/Righteousness, Justice, Forgiveness and Mercy.

Merciful Lord, Micah prophesied to the Israelites in Judah of the time when they would be conquered and taken into exile, and then of your plan to rescue a remnant of them: “But for now, now you scream in terror. Where is your king to lead you? He is dead! Where are your wise men? All are gone! Pain has gripped you like a woman in labor. Writhe and groan in your terrible pain, O people of Zion, for you must leave this city and live in the fields; you will be sent far away into exile in Babylon. But there I will rescue you and free you from the grip of your enemies. True, many nations have gathered together against you, calling for your blood, eager to destroy you. But they do not know my thoughts nor understand my plan, for the time will come when the Lord will gather together the enemies of his people like sheaves upon the threshing floor, helpless before Israel. Rise, thresh, O daughter of Zion; I will give you horns of iron and hoofs of brass and you will trample to pieces many people, and you will give their wealth as offerings to the Lord, the Lord of all the earth.” Micah 4:9–13 (TLB). Lord, not one of us is so lost in our sins that we have become unredeemable. Whoever hears the good news of Jesus, believes in him, accepts him as his Savior, repents of his sins and prays for forgiveness will be saved. Father, thank you for your plan of salvation offered to all that place their faith in your Son, Jesus. Amen.



Retired in 2019, reside in Virginia Beach, Virginia

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